Insights from Schools with PTDI-Certified Courses

Schools often can benefit from insights that their peers have discovered or developed for instructor training, lesson plans, recordkeeping for student time and evaluation, etc. This "Insights from Schools with PTDI-Certified Courses" section is a resource for just that. It is arranged according to the PTDI Certification Standard to which the "insights" apply.

Standard 5 - Instruction

  • Range Activity Timeline

    Example of range activity timeline provided by Chuck Wirth, President, American Institute of Technology (AIT), Phoenix, AZ. For additional information: Phone 602.345.2401; Email

  • Range Lesson Plan

    Example of syllabus and outline provided by Phil Whitmer, Dean of Transportation Technology, Baker College of Flint, Flint, MI. For more information: Phone: 810.766.2263; Email:

  • Can Your Lesson Plans Pass the Check-Up?

    Points that should be included in a lesson plan; the anatomy of a lesson; and common difficulties in classroom and range/street lesson plans. Provided by PTDI.

  • Lesson Plan Worksheet

    Worksheet is in outline form that may be used in creating daily lesson plans. Provided by PTDI

  • Range Conditions

    Range photographs and diagrams show an example of range conditions. Provided by Mary Beth Poole McCollum, Instructor & Transportation Course Manager, College of Southern Maryland. For more information: Phone: 301.934.7870; Email:

  • Route Directions

    Route directions for selected days are provided by Chris Antonik, Instructional Coordinator, Delaware Technical & Community College, Georgetown, DE. For more information: Phone: 302.856.4655; Email:

  • Constructing Lesson Plans

    Webinar "Constructing Lesson Plans: Connecting the Dots...from the Classroom to the Truck," hosted by the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI). Listen as Chris Antonik, M.Ed., Instructional Coordinator of Commercial Transportation at the Delaware Technical Community College

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