Insights from Schools with PTDI-Certified Courses

Schools often can benefit from insights that their peers have discovered or developed for instructor training, lesson plans, recordkeeping for student time and evaluation, etc. This "Insights from Schools with PTDI-Certified Courses" section is a resource for just that. It is arranged according to the PTDI Certification Standard to which the "insights" apply.

Standard 1 - Course Administration

  • Creating a Superior School Catalog: What a Good Catalog Contains

    Why a good catalog is important, a checklist of items that should be included in it and examples of advertising that is not acceptable or is questionable in printed materials. Contact PTDI for more information: Phone: 703-647-7015; Email:

  • Student Catalog

    Example of a catalog provided by Harry Kowalchyk, President, National Tractor Trailer School, Liverpool and Buffalo, NY. For more information: Phone: 315.451.2430 or 800.243.9300; Email:

  • Student Handbook

    Example of a student handbook provided by Central Tech Transportation & Safety Education, Drumright, OK.

  • Truck Driving Course Brochure

    Example of a school’s brochure that includes most of the elements requested in the “Checklist for Printed Materials” of PTDI’s Self-Evaluation Report (SER) and Annual Report. Brochure provided by Chris Antonik, Department Chair, Delaware Technical & Community College, Georgetown, DE. For more information: Phone: 302.856.4655; Email:

  • Student Information Packet CSM

    Example of a student information packet provided by Mary Beth Poole McCollum, Instructor & Transportation Programs Coordinator, Center for Transportation Training, College of Southern Maryland, LaPlata, MD. For more information: Phone: 301.934.7879; Email:

  • Driver Qualifications Form
  • Drug History Release Form
  • Prerequisites for BTW Form

    Example of a driver qualifications form, drug history release form and prerequisites for BTW form provided by Chris Antonik, Instructional Coordinator, Delaware Technical & Community College, Georgetown, DE. For more information: Phone: 302.856.4655; Email:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • School Policy

    Example of rules and regulations and school policy provided by Martin Garsee, Director of Transportation Training, Houston Community College Northeast Commercial Truck Driving Center, Houston, TX. More information: Phone: 713.718.8200; Email:

  • Update Your Admission Program

    Article that appeared in a “PTDI Standard Issue” newsletter by Bill Clary, President, Elite Admissions Development. For more information: Phone: 800.754.3064; Email:

  • Staffing and Educational Outcomes

    Maryse Levy, Vice President of Education and Career Services with Education Affiliates, discusses how staffing affects educational outcomes, and provides hiring, on-boarding, evaluation and ongoing development perspectives and strategies. MaxKnowledge Performance interview. Link provided by Carl Spatocco, Regional VP, Education Affiliates/All-State Career

  • Administrative Support and Qualifications

    Free learning opportunities - In addition to MaxKnowledge’s comprehensive training solutions, they offer a range of free learning resources for the career college community management, staff and faculty, including Soft Skills Tutorials, Sponsored Webinars, and social learning in The Lounge, including Performance TV.

  • Administrative Support and Qualifications

    The American Association for Vocational Instructional Materials (AAVIM) is a non-profit association whose mission is to develop, produce, and distribute quality instructional materials for career education instructors, students, and administrators

  • Avoiding Problems with School Advertising

    The Commercial Vehicle Training Association prepared this document as general guidance; see disclaimers in the document. For more information: Cindy Atwood, CVTA;; Phone 703.642.9444; Email

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