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PTDI Driver Finishing - a blueprint for excellence!

PTDI’s Driver Finishing standards and certification provide trucking companies that offer internal driver training a "blueprint for excellence."  Companies large and small can use the industry vetted standards and certification process to customize a Driver Finishing Program that meets their specific training needs.

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The Driver Finishing standards and certification boast potential for quality improvements, cost efficiencies and another key benefit: mitigating risk.  Certification allows customization of content and training methods.  Integrate your corporate policies and procedures and create a Driver Finishing program meets industry leading practices but is NOT overly burdensome to maintain.

Certification is awarded to a company's course or program when they demonstrate adherence to the PTDI standards.  Whether you are affirming an existing program, want to improve the training you offer or are just starting to put together a program, PTDI's Driver finishing certification can help. 

How PTDI Can Help Your Company

(1) Standards: PTDI offers the gold standard for finishing school operations.  Review and use the PTDI standards to see what the industry is using and how to develop or improve your program.

(2) Get your program started:  Our certified partner, Avatar Fleet, is the go to solution for starting or improving your program.  When you use the Avatar Fleet CDL Finishing School solution, you are PTDI Certification ready.

(3) Verify the quality of a program you already have in place:  PTDI reviews your program to provide independent verification of your program quality.   Feedback for your program is provided.

Finishing School Made Easy

Looking for a simple way to start or improve your company's driver training program?  Avatar Fleet provides a turnkey solution for your training needs.  Best of all, Avatar Fleet is a PTDI Certified Provider.  When you work with Avatar Fleet your program is PTDI Certification ready.

AvatarFleet and PTDI offer the premier solution for carriers to efficiently and cost effectively manage a program of their own.

The Avatar Fleet CDL Finishing School will take your training program to a new level, streamlining and improving your training and company operations, by using best practices and innovative technology.  From recruiting to instructor development to record keeping - Avatar Fleet's CDL Finishing School is the best solution for for trucking companies who either have a program or need to start one.

  • Using Avatar Fleet means your program is PTDI Certification ready
  • The service covers everything from rules and regulations, defensive driving, health and wellness, managing finances, the role of the professional and much, much more.
  • Small to medium-sized carriers will be able to confidently hire newly-licensed drivers and develop them into true professionals
  • Modern approach to adult learning and use of technology is entertaining, engaging, and delivers on PTDI’s comprehensive standards

When you use the Avatar Fleet CDL Finishing School your program is PTDI Certification ready.  Complete a Certification Profile at no charge to confirm certification.

For more information on how your fleet can improve please contact  Find additional details about AvatarFleet CDL Finishing School on their web site.

What is Driver Finishing?

The primary goal of Driver Finishing programs is MASTERY of solo commercial motor vehicle driver skills.  This is different than proficiency acquired through entry level training programs.  Driver Finishing training programs are typically offered by trucking company (employers) to their employees, some who may have recently earned their CDL. 

Finishing programs provide additional knowledge and skills that fully prepare the driver to perform independently behind the wheel.  The investment trucking companies make by delivering specialized commodity, equipment and customer training increases driver professionalism, safety and quality operations.

Benefits of Certifying Your Training Program

  • Risk mitigation for the company
  • Improve company operations
  • Develop training efficiencies
  • Fulfill insurance obligations and reduce insurance costs
  • Overcome entry level driver training shortcomings
  • Hiring advantages – demonstrate your company is a great place to work because you support your driver with quality training, career development
  • Industry leading standards developed by the trucking industry expressly for the trucking industry
  • Exclusivity, recognition as a top company for driver finishing training
Certification offers value in the short term and long term.  Right away, the process helps you start and/or improve your program.  Over the longer time frame, certification reinforces a culture that improves your company's bottom line.

Driver Finishing Standards

Driver Finishing standards were developed by industry stakeholders, including truck driving companies of different types.  The standards ensure core competencies, promote advanced skills, and allow companies to add customized training procedures based on their own training needs.

The Driver Finishing standards are comprised of two separate documents that work together to provide a framework for training and certification.  

Learn more about the PTDI Entry Level Driver Training Standards here.

==> Purchase the complete set of PTDI Driver Finishing Standards in our store.  If you decide to apply for certification later you receive a credit back for the cost of purchasing the standards.  

How to Get Certified

It is recommended you FIRST take the free assessment survey and review the DF standards

(A) Are you starting a program or looking for ways to improve your program? 

Contact Tim Blum, PTDI Executive Director, at 720-575-7445.  When you use the Avatar Fleet CDL Finishing School your program is PTDI Certification ready.

(B) Only need certification?  Follow the steps below. 

Driver Finishing programs applying for certification are evaluated against the PTDI standards.  The certification process requires companies to provide evidence that demonstrates the course meets the requirements in the skill and certification standards. If you apply for DF certification, you receive automatic access to the DF standards and resources.

The Certification Process

The certification process consists of five stages**.  If certification is awarded, annual renewal is required each year to maintain your program's certification. 

1. APPLICATION - The online application and payment is required the first time applying for certification. 

2. CERT PROFILE - Create your DF Profile, providing the details about your course.

4. REVIEW - The application and profile are reviewed by PTDI.

5. RENEWAL - Renew your certification each year by updating your profile and submitting the annual fee.

** When you use the Avatar Fleet CDL Finishing School your program is PTDI Certification ready.  You only complete step 2. 


Certification Fees


  • There is an initial certification fee due with your application.
  • Certification fees are non-refundable.



  • As required by the standards, each graduate of a certified DF program should receive a PTDI certificate or seal
  • PTDI certificates or seals (which are affixed to your own certificate) are purchased directly from PTDI ($7.30 each)


  • There is no fee for companies who use the Avatar Fleet CDL Finishing School. 
  • You need only complete and update a profile annually as well as provide certificates or seals to your program graduates.

    DF Certification Deadlines


    You can apply for certification at any time.  Certification will be determined after all fees are paid, you have created your profile and PTDI has reviewed the materials.  Time frames vary, but allow for a minimum of 4-6 weeks after you have submitted your profile to receive a determination.  Gaps found during the review of your Profile may require additional time for your company to remedy.  


    Once your program is awarded certification, PTDI assigns your program a renewal month, or more commonly known as your Cert Group.  Your assigned Cert Group is typically April, August or December, whichever is closet to the official date of your program's certification. This is the anniversary of your original certification and when future renewal deadlines will take place for your program.

    Renewals begin the month prior to your Cert Group anniversary (March, July, and November).

    A reminder to update your profile and pay the annual fee is sent each year based on the cert group schedule.

    DF Certification Profile

    Earn and maintain certification using the DF Cert Profile.  The DF Profile walks you through each standard.  Answer the questions in your Profile and upload the necessary documentation to inform PTDI about your Driver Finishing Program.  The Profile system allows you to efficiently demonstrate how your program meets the standards and a quicker review to award certification.

    Learn more on the Driver Finishing Certification Profile page.

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