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PTDI Certification

Have your truck driver training program certified by the industry gold standard.  

PTDI offers certification of truck driver training programs.  While we are not a school, we promote high quality training of drivers with industry leading standards and certification.

We offer certification for:

Entry Level Truck Driver Training programs

Truck Driver Finishing programs 


What is Certification?  Accreditation?

Certification is the measurement of competency for courses and individuals.

Accreditation is compliance measurement for organizations and institutions.

Certification and accreditation programs are often referred to as credentialing activities.

PTDI offers certification of a program or course at a school to ensure professional competence and enhance the quality of training.  PTDI does not provide accreditation to a community college, or training school.

Certification ensures a level of quality verified by an outside third party.  This means your program has been reviewed and certified by someone other than you or your school!

Completion of a PTDI program indicates the student has participated in industry developed standards and demonstrated quality performance to meet those course objectives.  Students receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. 

Entry Level Driver Training Certification

Entry Level Driver Training Certification is awarded to courses at truck driver training organziations.  To earn certification for their course, schools must demonstrate that they meet PTDI's high quality training standards. 

Driver Finishing

PTDI defines Driver Finishing programs as training programs (typically offered by trucking companies, carriers, etc) established for the primary purpose of polishing a driver's skills after receiving their CDL.  Certification is awarded to a company's course or program when they demonstrate adherence to the PTDI standards.

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