Certification Profile

The new PTDI Certification Profile is your training organization's one stop shop for documenting how your course meets PTDI's Entry Level Driver Training Certification Standards. It streamlines the certification process making the requirements easier to understand and offers a simple system to help you demonstrate your training program.  The Certification Commission uses the profile you submit as a component in evaluating your course.

  • The Certification process has been updated and the Cert Profile has replaced old reports
  • More efficient pathway for getting and keeping certification
  • Prepares you for the FMCSA’s upcoming Training Provider Registry
  • Simplifies documentation of course operations
  • Intuitive profile format builds reports for you
  • Access and save course information in one consolidated place
  • Update at any time
  • Official PTDI templates support proper record keeping at the school
  • Fewer document uploads (keep records at your school)
  • Virtual site visits reduce time and costs

Certification Profile Access

Access your Certification Profile with the links below.  After clicking a section you will be prompted to log in.

Section 00 - Training Organization

Section 01 - Public Information

Section 02 - Course Information

Section 03 - Administration

Section 04 - Instructors

Section 05 - Facilities and Equipment

Section 06 - Students

Section 07 - Options

Section 08 - Enrollment

Access to the Profile is only available to Applicants and Certified Courses.

For more information see the "How to Access the Profile" section on this page.

How The Profile Works

Each training organization that has a certified course will have a Certification Profile.  Your profile is an ongoing record of your course.  You create, save and update your profile.  All sections are required but they don't have to be completed in order.

There are nine (9) sections to the profile. 

After you complete the initial setup, you will NOT need to create a new profile each year.  Instead, you will update and submit changes.

Be sure to fully complete each section, be detail oriented and answer all questions thoroughly.  The commission evaluates your course based on the profile you submit. 

Be sure to keep complete records at your organization.

Each section of your Certification Profile must be sent to PTDI once a year during your renewal period. Changes can be made at any time. Submitting your updates is only required annually.  If you have significant changes, you should submit an updated profile to PTDI when they occur.

Certification Resources

PTDI offers Certification Resources to help you identify what you need to complete the profile.  Besides a roadmap explaining the Certification Profile, the Certification Resources include documents and forms required for proper record keeping and operations. 

==> Purchase the Certification Resources in our store.

The Certification Resources are included in PTDI's Complete CDL-A Training Package or can be purchased separately.

All schools with certified courses have access to resources, including the most current documents and forms, through their PTDI account.  Certified courses can access the secured content here.

How to Access the Profile

The Certification profile and your individual PTDI account are separate systems with different logons. 

(1) The Certification Profile is your training organization's account to upload information about your program/course.  There is a single school username and password for this system that gives you access to all nine sections of the Profile.  A school receives logon credentials after a certification application has been received.  Current applicants and existing certified schools can contact PTDI if they need their Profile credentials.

(2) The PTDI Account is your personal PTDI web site account for accessing standards, certification resources (the explanation of the Profile), forms, templates and other materials.  Those who have a certified program, apply for certification or purchase the standards will receive a logon and password to access their products.  Current applicants and existing certified schools always have access to the latest versions and may contact PTDI if they need their logon credentials.

Get PTDI's complete Entry Level Driver Training Package

The complete Entry Level Driver Training Program package contains the standards, certification resources, curriculum and ELDT Guidebook.  Purchase them individually or as a package.

==> Purchase the complete Entry Level Driver CDL-A Training Package in the PTDI store.

Schools with certified courses have access to PTDI standards and resources through their PTDI account.  Certified courses can access the secured content here.

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