Certification Profile

The new PTDI Certification Profile is your training organization's one stop shop for documenting how your course meets PTDI Entry Level Driver Certification Standards. The Certification Commission evaluates your course based on the profile you submit.

Use the links BELOW to access your Certification Profile.  After clicking a section you will be prompted to log in.

How It Works

Each training organization that has a certified course will have a Certification Profile.  Your profile is an ongoing record of your course.  You create, save and update your profile.  All sections are required but they don't have to be completed in order.

There are nine (9) sections to the profile.  Review the details of each Profile section below

Be sure to fully complete each section, be detail oriented and answer all questions thoroughly.  The commission evaluates your course based on the profile you submit.  Be sure to keep complete records at your organization.

Each section of your Certification Profile must be sent to PTDI once a year during your renewal period. Changes can be made at any time. Submitting your updates is only required annually.  If you have significant changes, you may choose to submit your profile updates more than once a year.

Get started by creating your profile! Since the old reports are gone, a Certification Profile is now mandatory.

Renewal (Profile Updates)

The annual reports, recertification reports, significant change reports, and all other old written forms and reports have been eliminated.  Moving forward PTDI will no longer use the old forms and reporting process.

The Cert Profile replaces all the old reports such as annual and five year recertifications.    You will no longer file new annual reports or create binders for recertification.  Instead you will update your profile.

By updating your profile each year, you renew your certification.  Every five years your profile is used to conduct a visit and determine recertification.

During your renewal period you will receive an email reminder for the following:

  1. Update and submit your certification profile. [mandatory] (links to each section above)
  2. Payment of the renewal fee. [mandatory] (invoice will be included in the email reminder)
  3. Complete a brief self assessment survey.  [voluntary] (links to a reflection tool to enlist support for your course, does not impact certification)
After you complete the initial setup, you will NOT need to create a new profile each year.  It stays with your certified course and you will only make updates.  When updating, some sections may not require changes.  You only need to update those sections where there are changes  (most common is the enrollment section).

Some Important Reminders About Your Profile

Here are a few important tips about using the new Certification Profile
  • Think of this page as your Certification Profile Hub.  Always use the links here to access each section.
  • You can access your profile to make changes at any time. But you are not required to submit every time.
  • You must submit a current, up to date profile once a year during your renewal period (you will receive a reminder).
  • 1 site = 1 profile.
      • If you have multiple courses at 1 site, they can all be listed on 1 profile.
      • If you have multiple sites, separate profiles are needed for each site.
  • While some forms are not required to upload, you must maintain all records at your organization.
  • Do not make changes to your profile login or password.  If you need login assistance, please contact PTDI.
  • When filling out your profile click the (?) icon for additional information about a field.

Save vs Submit

Your profile includes a 'Save and Return' feature allowing you to start, stop and continue later without losing your progress.  To use this feature, click 'Save Progress' before leaving the form.

You have not submitted the section until you click 'Submit'.  Clicking 'Save Progress' only saves the data, it does not submit it.  You will see an on screen confirmation when the section is submitted.

Your profile submission will be emailed to the address entered. Add the domains ptdi.org and formsite.com to your safe senders list so the confirmation email does not get caught in your spam folder.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

A few helpful hints to complete your profile:
  • You do not need complete the sections in order.  You can access each one separately.
  • If you can’t answer a question but want to see the next page, use a placeholder (temporary file or answer).
  • PTDI doesn’t review the profile and won’t see any placeholders until you submit (click submit instead of save at the end of the section)
  • You may see documents and forms in the requirements section below.  PTDI is providing samples for internal record keeping *if needed*.  You are not required to upload all of the documents and templates to the profile.
  • The Course section asks for anticipated hours for a typical student.  The Student section asks for actual hours of a single student.  They should closely match or align.
  • The course and student sections may require the most time.  Other sections are shorter.

Certification Profile Section Breakdown

Familiarize yourself with the what's included before you start.   Details about the section requirements are below.  PTDI has provided sample documents and form templates.  Not all forms are not required for the Profile.  They are provided in case you need them or wish to use for internal record keepingYOU ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP ALL RECORDS ON FILE AT YOUR ORGANIZATION.  PTDI may request additional files if necessary.

Section 00 - Training Organization

This section stores basic information about your training organization and course(s).

What's Included

  1. Training Organization Information
  2. License and Accreditation
  3. Course Name and Advertised Length

Documents and Forms


Section 01 - Public Information

This section contains materials provided to students and other interested parties that offer information about the course.  Any materials that use the PTDI mark (logo).  All materials must be clear, truthful, accurate and unambiguous.
The objective is to provide evidence that
    a) materials truthfully advertise your course
    b) materials convey how the course meets PTDI standards

What's Included

  1. Web Site - Link to the course web site or page advertising your course
  2. Catalog - Course Catalog, Brochure or material
  3. Student Package (if needed) - Student Handbook or additional student handout
  4. Additional Materials (if needed) - Any other materials not included above that describe the course, adherence to PTDI standards or contain the PTDI mark
  5. Identify which document you uploaded contains information pertaining to areas of the PTDI standards
    • course content
    • instruction times and hours
    • attendance and conduct
    • tuition and costs
    • facilities and equipment
    • grading and graduation
    • job placement and career

Documents and Forms
Examples of Unacceptable PTDI Course Advertising **

** These forms are provided to help collect and prepare for entering hours into your profile.  You may also find them helpful for internal record keeping.  They are not required for upload.

1.1 - Truth in Advertising & Public Info
1.3 - Course Goals

Section 02 - Course Information

This section collects the ANTICIPATED hours for an individual student.  As you enter the hours the calculations are made and a summary provided to you. This streamlines the hours documentation process.
This section also collects curriculum information. Forms are provided if you wish to collect the hours in before entering them.

What's Included

  1. Course Length and Student Ratios
  2. Course Unit Hours Detail - Detailed breakdown of anticipated hours for an individual student
  3. Course Syllabus or Outline by Unit
  4. Lesson Plans by Day (Classroom, Range and Highway)
  5. Assessments (Classroom test, sample range assessment, road driving test route)
  6. List of instructional materials

Documents and Forms

Anticipated Course Hours Form with guidelines (word) **
Anticipated Course Hours Forms only (excel) **

** These forms are provided to help collect and prepare for entering hours into your profile.  You may also find them helpful for internal record keeping.  They are not required for upload.

2.1 - Course Outline
2.2 - Course Content and Objectives
2.3 - Print Materials
2.4 - Audio-visual/Multimedia/Simulation
5.2 - Instructional time
5.3 - Student/Instructor/Vehicle ratio
5.4 - Lesson plans
5.8 - Length of Day
6.1 - Classroom/lab Tests
6.2 - Range Tests
6.3 - Road Tests

Section 03 - Administration

This section documents the key contacts, important policies and procedures and insurance.  Provide descriptions of policies and procedures.  You can paste the entire text of the policy, but only a description is required.

What's Included

  1. Organization Chart
  2. Course Contacts
  3. Policies and Procedures (descriptions)
  4. Proof of insurance

Documents and Forms

1.2 - Organizational framework
1.5 - Written Policies and Procedures

Section 04 - Instructors

The Instructors section creates a list of instructors currently teaching the course(s).  To create the list, this section collects instructor names, qualifications and experience.  This section confirms performance reviews and ongoing continuing education (development) activities are conducted, but you do not need to upload the evidence.  But be sure to keep the files at your organization.

List ALL CURRENT instructors even if they were entered in Section 3 as an Administrative Contact.

What's Included

  1. Instructor Name and Duties
  2. Instructor Qualifications
  3. Instructor Experience (general)
  4. Instructor Performance Review
  5. Instructor Development Activities

Documents and Forms
Instructor Qualifications  **
Instructor Development  **
Instructor Evaluation  **

** These forms are provided to help collect information for the profile and internal record keeping.  Not required for upload.

3.1 - Instructor Qualifications
3.2 - Instructor Staff development/Supervision

Section 05 - Facilities and Equipment

Information about the site facilities is collected.  Photos are critical components here to visually identify student areas, administrative areas, range and road conditions.  Equipment such as simulators is also documented.  A summary of training vehicles is created by collecting specific vehicle details.  You can prepare for entering vehicle information using the CMV Worksheet.

What's Included

  1. Classroom Facilities
    • Photos of classroom
    • Photos of a current class in session
    • Photos of any simulators and other teaching tools
  2. Range and Highway
    • Photos driving range
    • Photos highway driving conditions
  3. List of Training Vehicles
    • Type, make, model, year, unit #/tag
    • Photos of vehicles

Documents and Forms

CMV Worksheet  **

** This form provided to help collect information for the profile and internal record keeping. Not required for upload.

4.1 - Training Vehicles
5.1 - Classroom/Lab Instruction
5.5 - Classroom Condition
5.6 - Range conditions
5.7 - Highway Instruction Conditions

Section 06 - Students

The student section collects actual hours of instruction for a student who graduated the course within the last year.  The entry process is similar to the course section.  Using the data recorded in your instruction forms/logs, you fill in the detailed time a student received instruction.  PTDI offers a set of sample forms if you need documentation to record hours.  This section also collects the additional documentation you should be securing in a comprehensive student file. 

All student documents should clearly show a student identifier or unique ID (but not SSN or student home address or phone number)

What's Included

  1. Student Admission Records
    • Roster of most recent graduating class (may not match list in section 08 enrollment)
    • Admission date
    • Approved application
    • Instructional permit
  2. Student Classroom Records
    • Classroom attendance
    • Classroom tests
    • Documentation of unit progress
  3. Student BTW Records
  • BTW assessments
  • BTW hours summary
  • BTW logs
  1. Student Graduation Records
    • Graduation date
    • Course grades (or transcript)
    • CDL, AZ or military waiver
    • PTDI Certificate/Seal
  2. Student Follow up and Employment
    • Process description
    • List of 3 employers who hire graduates

Documents and Forms
Student Hours (log, daily, summary)  **

** These forms are provided for internal record keeping.  They can be used to collect official student hours.  You may find them helpful for entering hours into your profile.  May be used as upload for BTW log, but not required.

1.4 - Student Eligibility and Admissions
6.4 - Graduation
7.1 - Follow-up
8.1 - In-Training File
8.2 - Student records
8.3 - BTW Time Records

Student File Contents (at minimum):
1 - Application/Transcript;
2 - Instructional Driving Permit;
3-  Proof of DOT physical and drug screen;
4 - Attendance;
5 - Date classes began, ended and date graduated;
6 - Timesheets/Logs (Hours for classroom, range and road Signed by instructors AND students);
7 - Timesheets for BTW hours clearly indicate Range, Road, Loaded, Night;
8 - Classroom AND Road tests;
9 - CDL obtainment;
10 - HireRight submissions
11 - PTDI Certificate or Seal (upon graduation)

Section 07 - Options

This section collects information for Independent Study, Distance Learning or Externship components you may offer as part of your course.  Additionally, if you have an existing variance or require one, this section allows you to enter the details. 

What's Included

  1. Independent Study
    • Description, objectives, curriculum (if not previously provided), materials, evaluation
  2. Distance Learning
    • Description, materials
  3. Externship
    • Description, curriculum (if not previously provided), materials
  4. Variances
    • Description, explanation, documentation, timeframe

Documents and Forms
Externship Validation Criteria Checklist  **

** These forms are provided to help collect and prepare for entering hours into your profile.  You may also find them helpful for internal record keeping.  They are not required for upload.

9.1 - Independent study
9.2 - Distance Learning Option
9.3 - Externship option

Section 08 - Enrollment

The enrollment data section has been streamlined.  The information requested is straightforward and automatically calculated.  The enrollment reporting period has been standardized.  Now called Enrollment Year, it is always the previous calendar year.  This is always January 1 – December 31 of the year immediately preceding the due date of your annual renewal.  Example, if you renew August 2018, the Enrollment Year will be calendar year 2017.  Also note, you will now need to complete and upload the PTDI Certificate Report.

What's Included

  1. Enrollment Year (previously known as enrollment period)
  2. Enrollment Data
    • How much did it cost to attend the course
    • Number of times course was offered
    • Total students enrolled in course
    • Total course graduates
    • How many graduates got their CDL?
    • How many graduates gained employment?
    • How many graduate were issued a PTDI Certificate?
  3. Upload PTDI Certificate Report (list of students and their PTDI certificate numbers) ##
    • This report includes: name, email address, attendance start date, end date, Cert and Seal number issued, reported to Hireright
  4. Hireright DAC reporting information
  5. Explanation of any unique circumstances

Documents and Forms

Order Certificates and Seals here.

## PTDI Certificate Report ## (required to upload in Profile)
PTDI Certificate and Seal Guidelines (reference for administering PTDI Certificates)
PTDI Hireright DAC Guidelines  (reference for administering PTDI Certificates)
PTDI Hireright School Participation Agreement  (document to begin reporting, send to HireRight and PTDI)
PTDI Hireright Driving School Record Form  (document to submit reports to HireRight)
PTDI Hireright Driving School Record Revision Form  (document for HireRight record changes)


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