PTDI Entry Level Training Certification Will Help Your Company Thrive

From finding quality drivers, to reducing costs and minimizing legal risks, PTDI offers your company key benefits.

Better Programs - The Gold Standard in Truck Training Certification

  • Certified programs assures through independent verification, that you have found quality, entry level driver training programs.

Better Drivers

  • Easily locate better drivers.  PTDI program graduates are well trained professionals from the gold standard of truck driver training programs.

Lower Costs

  • Better drivers means you lower your own training costs. 

Safety Enhancements

  • Trained by better instructors, you reduce your potential safety risks by hiring drivers that have been through a rigorous curriculum.

Legal Risks and Compliance

  • Minimize legal risks against improper training claims.

Do you have an entry level driver training program in house?  Get it certified. Learn how.

Driver Finishing Certification Improves Your Business

Do you have a program to train drivers you've just hired?  If not, have you considered starting a driver finishing program? Whether you have a program in place or developing one, PTDI can help.   Learn more about PTDI certified Truck Driver Finishing programs.

From enhanced driver skills to improving your bottom line, the benefits of a Certified Driver Finishing program will have significant, positive impacts on your company.

      • Minimize legal risks
      • Proven industry standards
      • Improved safety
      • Enhanced driver skills
      • More satisfied drivers
      • Efficient, cost saving training
      • Outside verification of your program


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Motor Carrier Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about PTDI certification?

You find better quality drivers from PTDI certified programs.  Because of the high quality curriculum required by the standards, drivers have more experience, especially where it it counts - behind the wheel.  Your company benefits from the enhanced training by reducing safety and legal risks.  And you gain the confidence of knowing drivers have learned the critical skills agreed upon by industry partners.

Widely recognized as the gold standard in truck driver training, PTDI standards were used by the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration as the primary basis for their new regulations.

How do I get my driver training program certified?

Does your carrier offer entry level driver training?  We can ensure your program meets government regulations and offers high quality training.  Learn more on the certification page.

What is Driver Finishing?

Driver Finishing refers to the training a driver receives after graduating and earning their CDL.  This is primarily done by the employer, the trucking company, who is polishing the drivers skills that enable them to drive solo in the truck.  Many times this training requires instruction of company specific policies and procedures.  PTDI's Driver Finishing certification standards are structured to allow the flexibility for trucking companies to build their own rules into the training.

How do I start or certify my existing Driver Finishing program?

We are excited to help you further develop your driver's skills.  We can help you start a program at your company or verify your existing program meets agreed upon industry best practices.  Check out the Driver Finishing Certification page to start.


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