PTDI - The Professional Truck Driver Institute
is North America's foremost advocate of truck-driver
training standards, driver professionalism, and safety.

The Value of an Education

Since 1986, the PTDI has been working with the carriers, truck driver training schools, insurance industry, and government to make safety a national #1 priority in the trucking industry. PTDI is the first nonprofit organization to develop uniform skill performance, curriculum, and certification standards for the trucking industry and to award course certification to entry-level truck driver training courses and motor carrier driver-finishing programs. Our goals are to advance truck driver training, proficiency, and professionalism and to put quality drivers on the roads. PTDI works with carriers and schools throughout the certification process to obtain national recognition that their programs meet these standards. PTDI has been certifying entry-level truck driver training courses since 1989.

“I have to believe that the things we did and the current methods of truck driver training schools as a result of the standards we put together have led to improved, safer drivers out there, and this began with the PTDI.”
Ed Kynaston, PTDI(A)'s first president

“All of us say the same thing: how good the training was and how lucky we were to have landed there rather than somewhere else. After being out here on the road and talking to guys that have been through other programs, I know I got a lot more experience than they did. There wasn't a single day I didn't think back on the practical experience I received and say 'man, those guys knew what they were doing.' Their program was right on the money.”
Bror Lindgren, graduate of a PTDI-certified course, driver since January 2000

“If you can improve the knowledge and ability and skills of the driver, then you're going to drastically improve the overall safety record of the trucking company, which means lower insurance costs and greater productivity and safer roads for the motoring public... I am very candid when talking to insurance companies about their need to support PTDI and the dedication of those people involved in raising the standards of drivers in America.”
Terry Burnett, President, Burnett Insurance Corp., Little Rock, Arkansas

“PTDI has had a positive effect on a lot of schools, even those who haven't gotten PTDI certification. I think companies have seen the value of these standards. PTDI's most significant contribution was to establish the amount of hours required and topics covered for entry-level driver training and to make the schools acccountable. It's a tough industry for an individual as a career, and sometimes I think there's a tendency to settle for a lesser quality employee.”
Kerry Kearl, Vice President of Company Fleets, Crete Carrier, Lincoln, Nebraska

“PTDI is the STANDARD when it comes to ensuring the future professional truck driver is trained and educated to help move America. Over the past 35 years, I have witnessed many schools come and go; however, PTDI firmly stands behind the performance and outcome standards within its network of truck driving schools. I am a card-carrying CDL holder who know what it takes to be a professional.”
Kevin W. Burch, President-Jet Express, Inc. Dayton,Ohio; 2009-2010 Chairman , Truckload Carrier Association